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Wetonomy going to Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Malta will invigorate the DAO community. We’re going there to witness it firsthand.

Malta has been actively working to establish a strong presence on the blockchain map. The local government aims to create a proper legal framework for blockchain that would allow businesses from the crypto and DLT industry to thrive under a safe and regulated environment. Malta made a big statement when they passed three bills during last year’s AI & Blockchain Summit, ever since becoming popular as “The Blockchain Island”.

In 2019, Malta will continue the mission with a world first – another bill that will give Decentralized Autonomous Organizations their own legal personality. The implications are huge – DAOs have so far been perceived mostly as an ephemeral utopian concept at best And the first instance’s failure didn’t do any good to its reputation in the public either. But the oncoming bill in Malta will turn DAOs into something real, providing a tangible structure for their growing community to build on.

This is why we are following closely the progress in Malta and we’ll have five Comrades at this year’s AIBC Summit. As you know, the DAO concept is fundamental to the Comrade Coop philosophy, which directly translates to both of our projects. Wetonomy creates a blockchain framework where anyone could easily deploy their own flavour of DAO, fueled by an inherent debt-based reward mechanism. ScyNet on the other hand is a decentralized platform for AI creation, designed to function as a DAO on its own.

By the way, ScyNet will have its own booth at the Summit and will feature as one of the final 10 projects at the AI Startup Pitch contest!

We’re looking forward to the event and to the opportunity to meet some of the coolest guys in the blockchain community. If you’re going to be at the Summit, we’d be happy to chat! Else, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord where we’ll share live updates from the center of the action!

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